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Developing model GPDP through integration of sector specific inputs and DRR

Developing demonstration model, handholding and Implementing GPDP in 10 pachayats focusing on women and child friendly panchayats and DRR in Aspirational Districts of Uttar Pradesh



In 8 Aspirational Districts of Uttar Pradesh, India

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To support in the finalization of the training module on GPDP, training of state Resource group and district resource group in the divisions of Lucknow and Saharanpur. In 2018 the partnership was again extended and the interventions aimed to support the sansad adarsh grams in the aspirational districts (one sansad GP from each of the eight) through models of GPDP. Additional two GPs were added for developing drought and flood mitigation models. These ten GPs across eight aspirational districts will focus on effective implementation of social protection through social registry, disaster mitigation and health. Handholding of 10 panchayats to implement GPDP as per uploaded plan on planplus platform in 8 Aspirational districts and Barabanki The program led to the active participation of elected women members and other leaders (women members of SMC, VHNSC, SHGs etc) in implementation of GPDP through a charter of demand at panchayat level capturing activities related to women and children.


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