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Message from the

Founder Director

Dear Readers


Browsing our website will give you the glimpse to understand how SSK works to change the scenario through advocacy and capacity building of excluded sections of the society. You are invited to learn about SSK’s work and contribute towards the society.

Excellence in any form of human endeavor rests on strong foundations and concrete results. A dream shared got us through 31 years of uplifting the quality of lives of people in the most remote areas. Now SSK has grown across Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand contributing to the empowerment of organizations, professionals and communities through training and direct interventions. SSK majorly focused to work on community development, resilience and raising indigenous capacities to sustain and thrive, strengthening Panchayati Raj Institutions and supporting various CSOs/CBOs through capacity building.


SSK has also played an active role in facilitating new organizations and mentoring them towards an independent role in promoting development. This in turn has put us in an enviable position of being the catalyst of change in society. We have been adopting new participatory approaches and methods, strategies and technologies with the support of our team and supporters. Now we are geared to further this transition by donning an all-new identity built on the firm foundation of excellence, teamwork and commitment. I would like to sum up my thoughts by saying “ We had dreamt of enhancing the lives of poor and marginalized women and excluded sections of the society by encouraging, strengthening and organizing them to enhance their participation in the process of their own development."

Ashok Singh

Director, SSK

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