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Project Impact Assessment for Holistic Rural Development Project, Varanasi

A photo documentation of change and Inclusive growth under HRIDAY- Holistic Rural Initiatives for Development Action and Yield

Expression of Literacy
A project documentation on Functional Literacy for Dignity and Empowerment. In Kherabad and Persendi Block, Sitapur District, Uttar Pradesh

Chasing Dreams Through Literacy
A compendium of Case Studies from the intervention areas  under project Functional Literacy for Diginity and Entitlements

Lesson Learnt
A project impact and learning documentation on strenthening the Resilience of Vulnerable Communities in
Flood Prone Areas of Karnali/Ghaghra and Kosi River Basins
in Nepal and India. Project implement in 5 gram Panchayats of Mihishi Block, Sehe
rsa District Bihar

Asymmetrical Distribution of Labour
An action research report on migration in 2 gram panchayats  Mahuari and  Lotaniya of Hussainabad Blocks, Palamu District Jharkhand.

Community Based Flood Resilience Initiatives
A process learning and achievement document on Community Bases Flood Resilience Initiatives in Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh, India

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