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Training Programs


Training of Trainers on Participatory Training Methodology

Date: 4th December 2023 (6:00 pm) to 10th December 2023 (4:00 pm)


               Residential Training                       Last Date to Apply: 28th Nov.2023


In societal and organizational development processes training has acquired the vanguard tools for proper percolation of concepts, approaches, techniques, and general conduct of ways to the intended beneficiaries either be it staff of an organization, community, an individual, or a group. Training of Trainers is a powerful tool to enhance the capabilities of people who design and deliver training at different levels and contexts.

The greatest inhibiting factor for organizations to outsource trainers is its high cost. Although it is wise to outsource training expertise in some areas, others requiring tight internal control are better handled in-house i.e., better use your own trainer. But it requires a lot of skills to be a good trainer. Being good at a subject does not signify you are a good trainer, and hence it does not ensure the transfer of knowledge, skill, etc. to the intended target. That's exactly what's needed to energize and inspire trainers' own work and personal development, and to widen their perspective. In order to address these issues, SST has developed a comprehensive. TOT program for new as well as experienced trainers based on participatory principles for effective learning. TOT is a curriculum tool to prepare master-level peer education trainers. Participatory techniques based on a variety of theoretical frameworks are utilized to ensure that future trainers are skilled and confident in their abilities to facilitate the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills learning from the reflections of structured experiences of the participants in the group.

“SSK has been organizing Training of Trainers on Participatory Training Methodology since 1991.”

Expected Outcome:

  • Concept and meaning of participatory training

  • Analyzing training needs and setting learning objectives.

  • Understanding about the relevance of small groups in the context of participatory training

  • Understanding and practicing appropriate participatory training methods, tools, techniques etc.

  • Designing effective participatory training and its various steps

  • Facilitating participatory training sessions

  • Apply practical techniques for presentations and facilitation

  • Understanding roles of a trainer.

  • Importance of self and personality development of a trainer

  • Understanding on evaluation of training through participatory methodologies.

In order to achieve the above outcomes, the following contents shall be dealt with during the training program:

  • Philosophy and Principles of Participatory Training

  • Difference between conventional training Vs participatory training

  • Analysis of training needs and designing of participatory training

  • Principles of various methods of participatory learning

  • Facilitating small group processes viz. participation, decision-making, communication, lead conflict resolution etc.

  • Role of trainers in participatory training and self and personality development of a trainer

  • Interactive Training methods–Lecture, Small Group Discussion, Roleplay, Case studies, Learning games, Simulation, etc.

  • Organizing practical sessions and analyzing the same through use of video recording

  • Monitoring and evaluation of a training program.


  • The training program shall be conducted in a participatory manner, in which participants are involved in
    a mutual learning and sharing process.

  • The sessions are made highly interactive so that no stone is left unturned in imparting the concepts and

    principles of participatory development.

  • Emphasis is placed on using methods of adult learning such as small group discussions, case studies,

    role-plays, simulations, video reviews, etc.

  • Presentations of case studies and the material prepared on the theme forms the basis for group
    discussion. Direct reading, relevant exercises, and assignments on specific topics drawing lessons from

    their own context will supplement these.

  • Micro-labs for understanding self and personality.

  • Participatory learning games and energizers are used to create a conducive environment for learning.


Considering the background and participant’s profile this training program is conducted essentially in Hindi. However, technical terms are dealt with in English also.


Functionaries of the CSOs who are presently involved as trainers or are willing to facilitate training in the future. The training can also be useful for the functionaries who are facilitating the community-level processes forming and strengthening community groups.

Total Seat: 24

Course Fees: 10,000/-

(Inclusive of taxes, accommodation, food, learning materials, and Stationaries)

Please note that the complete training arrangement is made for only 6 days and any extra arrangement and stay shall be charged separately.

The fee can be paid through a Cheque/ Demand draft in favour of

“Sahbhagi Shikshan Trust” payable at Lucknow.

Dates : 4th December 2023 to 10th December 2023
The TOT program will begin at 6:00 pm on 4th December 2023 and all the participants are requested to arrive by 4th December noon. Participants may plan their return journey on 10th December, after 4 p.m.

Location of the campus and facilities:
SSK training campus is located on the Lucknow-Sitapur highway approx. 15 km away from the Lucknow Railway station. Prepaid Auto /Ola/Uber services are available from the station /Airport. The campus has all the basic facilities. All the hostel rooms and training halls are air-conditioned. The twin sharing a spacious room with attached toilet & bathroom will be provided for accommodation to the participants.

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