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Rajendra Mehta was a qualified person who was earning a decent income from vegetable cultivation for his family. He had an interest in farming since childhood and always uses to experiment the creative farming methods with his father. Rajendra was a potential farmer who wants a support in organic farming. Over the period it was observed that due to the dominance of drought in the region many farmers have to suffer a lot and since they use chemical fertilizers to maximize output in a short period of time, this contrastingly results in low productivity of the land and crops. Hence, through the Vermi compost pit construction, he was able to cut the cost of chemical fertilizers. He experimented with the technique by putting compost as the fertilizer in half of his land and chemical in the rest half. The comparison was that in the chemical fertilizer, he invested around 3,000 rupees (Phosphorus, DAP, URIA, etc.) This, on the other hand cuts to zero with the compost method. The output was 20 quintals using chemical fertilizer whereas 27 quintals on the one where vermi compost was applied. The difference is perceivable and is huge. Also, he has sold the extra compost to nearby farmers for 1,500 rupees per kg which also became a source of livelihood for him.

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