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COVID safety kit distributed to frontline health workers in Japla

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the biggest public health crises have witnessed in the modern world, CHC staff, ANMs and ASHA workers have proved to be vital agents of public healthcare- surveying and screening congested neighborhoods without PPE kits and proper medical kit. In this pandemic ANMs didn't have proper medical kit. They work in CHC, PHC PHSC of many communities. Without proper kit it is very dangerous as well as very difficult for them to work properly. They are also front line workers who work with sick people face to face. Therefore they need proper medical kit.

Medical kit distribution to ANMs

On 19th - 23rd June, 2021 SSK distributed medical kits to 47 ANM of Hussainabad block CHC (Hospital). During the distribution, a medical kit containing reusable N-95 masks, hand sanitizer, pulse oximeter, thermometer, soap, disposable gown, paracetamol tab strips and sanitary pad were provided to each ANM. These are the basic amenities that these ANM requires for their & patients safety. With sick people depending on hospitals, only if nurses are provided with all the basic amenities, they shall be able to save their own & patients’ lives.

Medical kit distribution to ASHA workers

Medical kits distributed to 273 ASHA of Hussainabad block containing of reusable N-95 mask, hand sanitizer, pulse oximeter, thermometer, soap, paracetamol tab strips and sanitary pad. It has been observed that almost every ASHA are now using these kits in daily work and it has been very useful to them. As they work for the people's wellbeing therefore they should have complete safety measures so that they can help large number of people's life.

Medical kit distribution to CHC staff

SSK provided medical kits to 74 paramedical staff in CHC (Hospital) of Hussainabad block, kits contains N-95 mask, hand sanitizer, face shield, hand gloves, soap, and sanitary pad. These medical kit help them to work in a safety way.


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