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Community preparedness against COVID-19 and localizing SDGs at Panchayat level

Developing demonstration model for community preparedness against COVID-19 and localizing Sustainable Development Goals at Panchayat level in 8 Aspirational Districts of Uttar Pradesh


In 8 Aspirational Districts of Uttar Pradesh, India

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NITI Aayog and the state government have adopted a focused approach to promote competitive federalism through the concept of Aspirational districts. The project focuses on the 10gram panchayats with 93 villages, in 10 districts including 8 Aspirational districts of Uttar Pradesh. The focus is to develop demonstration model to demonstrate localization of SDGs, focusing on social protection ( 1.3) and gender equality ( 5.5) and good governance ( 16.5) for the 14 out of 17 SDGs identified at the GP (Gram Panchayat) Level. The model includes gap identification and handholding for Preparedness against COVID-19 pandemic at the GP level based on the detailed Checklist for Community Preparedness released by MoPR-Ministry of Panchayati Raj (D.O. No.M-11015/76/2020-CB dated 15 May 2020).

These demonstration models will allow for

i) Identifying opportunities in localizing SDGs;

ii) Gauging the existing capacity of the GPs and identify the gaps; and

iii) Develop a model of intervention to address the bottlenecks and gaps and provide handholding support in localizing SDGs.

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Jan 14, 2022

Strengthened and empowered ollectives of adolescents belonging to poorest communities, in such a remote and backward area of Palamu Dist of Jharkhand, are changing the mindset of people that all forms of violence against women and girls must be resisted and stopped.

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