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Establishing Links and Enabling Growth

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Despite lying by the Ganga basin, farmers of Chandauli suffer a major challenge to irrigate their farmland during summers. They follow the monocropping system in Rabi-Kharif seasons. Though there has been a mammoth shift in inflation, yet their income has been stagnant. They are stuck in this vicious cycle since years. Until some time ago, farmers had to travel long distances to get information about seeds, medicines and information about government schemes. Despite the time and money put, the farmers could not get the right information. Integrated Farmers Resource Center was therefore ideated under HRDP. IFRC is envisioned to establish the missing link between farmers and the market, from capacitating on knowledge front to technical farm support including crop & vegetable production as well as livestock farming. This one-stop center will also provide quality seeds, farm nutrients and organic manure to farmers. This was began in five villages of Chandauli district. The operator was selected locally by the farmers group to ensure its sustainability, and at the same time it serves as an income generating source for a village youth. After a few months of its inception it was observed that farmers from 10-12 nearby villages are being largely benefitted through each IFRC. Nutrients and seeds are available locally at the right price, due to which farmers are saving time and money. Apart from these expected outcomes, Farmers are getting the information about the government schemes related to agriculture and the application processing also takes place hassle free by the center operator. The government of Uttar Pradesh is promoting the production of KaalaNamakDhaan under One District One Product (ODOP). The profitability of this variety is three times more than average rice due to its multiple nutrient value. Through IFRC a few farmers learnt about this scheme and seven farmers participated in a training by the government. They received cash support of Rs.2000/- and farming equipment worth Rs.14000/- each by the Govt. It is interesting to observe that a total of Rs.1, 12,000/- could be procured by these farmers just because of getting the right information at the right time! Similarly, in another case, two farmers complained of crop loss due to hailstorm to the IFRC. They got to know that the IFRC point of contact himself suffered crop loss and he discussed about a government scheme that covers such losses. Immediately they registered for it and received Rs 30000/- as a reparation by the government.

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