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Sustainable agriculture offers a much-needed alternative to conventional input-intensive agriculture, the long-term impacts of which include degrading topsoil, declining groundwater levels, and reduced biodiversity. It is vital to ensure India’s nutrition security in a climate-constrained world.

Centre for Knowledge Promotion and Skill Development (CKPSD)

SSK has earned 30 years of experience in rigorous training and capacity building of organizations, communities, PRI members, and government functionaries in various fields.  CKPSD is a programme wing of SSK on knowledge resources and capacity building in the following major areas.

NGO Management

Resources and training for Social entrepreneurs and community leaders to develop & scale social change institutions


Capacity building on  livelihood sectors for SHGs, farmers, rural entrepreneurs and youth.


Core training on local governance, frontline workers and leadership training for elected women & men at Panchayat level.

Skill development

Vocational training, skill-building for youth support including job fairs and placement drives

Participatory training

Developing trainers to imbibe participatory philosophy of training and development