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Holistic Rural Initiative for Development Action & Yield (HRIDAY) aims to intervene the tribal communities in the areas of quality education, good health, sustainable livelihood and youth employment, clean energy and gender equality.


Japla, Jharkhand, India

Supported by

LIC HFL, Mumbai

Accomplish Integrated inclusive village development focusing on all the key parameters like health, education, livelihood, women empowerment, skill building, Natural Resource Management (NRM), WaSH and youth empowerment etc to improve the living condition of the people in the remote tribal communities of Jharkhand. This Inclusive approach of villages will serve as a model which can be replicated in different villages and boost the development speed and change the scenario of the backward regions. Its been a decade now, Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra is working one of the most backward and Naxal affected village of Hussainabad of Palamu district in Jharkhand. In these area communities sufferswithvarious issue such as drought, unemployment, health, education, migration, road connectivity, drinking water and poor facilities of government schemes etc.In these interior villagesmany civilized people live together. Most of the people depend on agriculture for their livelihood. But on other hand landless people migrate to neighbouring states and districts for earning. They go to neighbouring state through contractors and relatives and do various skilled and unskilled works. In agriculture scenario farmers depend on canal or rain water for irrigation and use traditional method for farming. They have no idea for modern agriculture Patten such as SRI technique, vermi compost fertilizers and multi cropping methods. In health facilities there are no established PHC and AnganwadiCenters. All the Anganwadicenters are being run in private shelters. Government medical facility is available in Japla at the distance of 6 Km. In normal health issues people take medicine from quacks. They have poor reach to Government hospital because of bad to no road conditions. Serious patientsoften died because Ambulance could not reach. In these conditions SSK has intervened in Basari, Ahamednagar, Jahara, Mahuari and Visharmpur of Mahuari Gram Panchayat under HRIDAY Project supported by LIC HFL. Populations in these five villages are backward and live in marginal community. The project objective is to develop a model village by working on all dimensions of development like health, education, WASH, Livelihood etc and influence Govt policy on village development.

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