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HRDP Chandauli

Holistic Rural Development Program (HRDP) is an initiative under HDFC Bank's CSR 'Parivartan' which is being implemented by SahbhagiShikshan Kendra across 10 villages of Niyamtabad Block, Chandauli. The project is designed to improve the condition of the people residing in the different villages by focusing on different aspects of development related to empowerment (social, educational and financial), heath and infrastructure. This program implemented with the objective to develop a model village by working on all dimensions of development.

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Empowering Farmers to Increase Their Income

By formation of farmers collectives, various techniques of progressive farming, cross-learning, exposure visits and technology transfer has taken place. About 300 farmers have been directly/indirectly benefitted through various initiatives under HRDP.

Transforming Government Schools Into Model Development Schools

Introducing EdTech to Rural Children by supporting Village Government schools with required infrastructure. Schools equipped with science laboratories, reading corners and improved WaSH facilities

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Creating Avenues For Alternative Income Genration

Individuals from extremely Marginalized communities and women are identified and are given skill trainings. Women from ultra-poor families are introduced to goatary business, Duckery, Trellis method of vegetable cultivation as an alternative livelihood. Provisional store support is provided to specially abled, widowed women and such extremely poor households to improve their economic condition.

Natural Resource Management

Increasing awareness regarding efficient utilization of natural resources and environment conservation among the rural populace. Efforts involve integration of solar energy and reducing the dependence upon non-renewable sources.

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