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Skill Building

skill building

Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra (SSK) is working on skill development in various locations of Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand for more than a decade and recently started in Bihar too.

SSK has independently developed a vocational training centre, named as Sahbhagi Vocational Training Centre. The main idea behind this is to build skills of youth coming from marginalized community in order to enhance their employability.

Basically the courses offered by SSK fall in two categories:

Professional Skill Development Programs These are the courses which provide necessary skills to shape up the career of the youth so that they can acquire professional skills and get a good job. These programs targets under graduate/ graduate youths from marginalized sections of the society.

Livelihood Enhancement Programs These programs focuses on various vocational skill developments so that the youths can earn for their living or enhance their earning potential. After course completion they either work for others or become self employed. These programs specially targets economically weak, marginalized and uneducated youths.

Under Various types of courses, SSK is having training programs for youths on the following:

  • Providing grassroots advancement to youths aspiring growth (PRAYAG): A residential as well as non-residential training program for aspiring youths with minimum qualification of secondary degree are the target group of the program. The training primarily focuses on job oriented soft as well as hard skill building of those youths. In This process approximately seven hundred youths from Lucknow surrounded semi-urban and rural areas get benefited.
  • Six months diploma course for the aspiring youth girls in Sewing in association with USHA International is going on. The main aim of this project is to make them economically stable through skill building and inculcate entrepreneurship skill among them.
  • NIELIT, Delhi sponsored triple-c course and Basic computer course ( BCC), which are one of the demanded Digital Literacy Course also going on SSK for the interested youth groups to ensuring economic stability and overall development.
  • Various Trade based training programs like Mason, Carpenter, plumber, White washing, bike repairing, driving etc.