Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra

Empowering Minds for Changes


Jharkhand Programme

SSK has been working in Jharkhand for more than five years; it has concentrated its efforts in Hussainabad block of Palamu district. Palamu is one of the most backward district of Jharkhand and is affected by Naxal Insurgency. To fulfill it Vision and Mission SSK followed two fold strategy of strengthening of Local Self Governance and direct field interventions on various regional developmental issues prevalent in the area. Under these two major themes, all the programs are divided.

Major Themes

Strengthening Local Self Governance (Panchayat Strengthening)

Main Activities

  • Exposure visit of PRIs members.
  • Identification of Citizen Leaders
  • Capacity building training for Citizen Leaders.
    • Training on WASH
    • Training on RTE
    • Training on RSBY
    • Training on RTI

Field interventions on regional developmental issues

a. Migration

Major Activities

  • Formation of Prawashi Mahila Samooh and Regular meeting & Training.
  • Linkage with social security
  • Research on various issues related to Migration and its impact on left behind families.

b. Youth Skill Development and Recreational Activity

Major Activities

  • Sewing course
  • Computer course
  • Painting Course
  • Sports club
  • Sport item distribution
  • Community owned library

c. Empowering of Mushar Community

Major Activities

  • Balwadi Centre
  • Meeting and training
  • Linkage with social security schemes
  • WASH campaign and kit distribution

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d. Empowering Women and Adolescent Girls

Major Activities

  • Formation of Kishori Group
  • Capacity building trainingand Exposure visit to various departments for members of Kishori Group. Training of these adolescent girls mainly focuses on:
    • Domestic Violence and sexual Harassment
    • Health and Hygiene (specially menstrual health management)
    • WASH
    • RTI
    • Gender

e. Livelihood Enhancement

Major Activities

  • Goat distribution and goat management training for women who are economically very weak
  • Training program on river bed farming and exposure visit.
  • Seed distribution