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Good Governance

good governance

In the governance structure, the Panchayati Raj institutions are the closest elected representative to the community. A key responsibility of local bodies is to provide ongoing services to the community. These include primary education, basic health, and drinking water, sanitation, roads, irrigation, etc. Although, some of the functions related to above and others have been transferred to PRIs, yet in most of the places line departments are still engaged in delivery of such services. This is primarily because of lack of awareness among the elected representatives regarding their roles, functions and responsibilities in these matters

SSK promote local initiative For Strengthening Local Self Governance. Its main objective is to coordinate empowerment related functions of the panchayats, developing, collecting and disseminating resource material on the issues of rural and urban self governance.

Some of the major projects carried out under the theme

  • Strengthening Civil Society partnership for responsive local self governance in UP
  • Capacity Building of Elected Women representatives and Functionaries of PRIs
  • Capacity Building of Women Gram Panchayat Pradhan Under Child Rights Project in Uttar Pradesh