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Education and Literacy

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Human being is the finest creation of nature as they are gifted with the power of thinking, creation and development. Education is the most important component which enhances the process of learning by giving objective direction. In today’s world without education very little means are left for betterment of life, as education enhance ones knowledge and knowledge is the ultimate power. With the help of same knowledge human being can bring positive changes towards themselves and society as whole. Education enhances the freedom of choice which ultimately leads to improvement in the quality of life.

Sahbhagi Sikshan Kendra is working extensively on education and literacy issues for more than a decade. In Varanasi region organization is working on aspects of adult literacy to promote women empowerment and ensure sustainable livelihood. With the help of Korean National Commission for Unisco (KNCU), organization promotes functional literacy and lifelong learning for marginalised section of women. The main aim of this initiative is to enhance the vision and perception of those women and simultaneously they started working as ‘Change Agent’ in the process of overall development of the society in a penetrative mode. The organization also running a Balwari centre with the children of Musahar and Bhuiya community the most excluded and marginalised community of Palamou district of Jharkhand. Primarily this initiative aims in inclusion of the children of this community in mainstream education system trough developing the habit of school going and inculcate sense of being accepted in larger community.  SSK also successfully implemented an innovative experimental program with the organization, Development Alternative on digital literacy for women called ‘Tara Akshar’ in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh.  Improvement of the educational scenario of Muslim and Dalit girls of Varanasi district, the organization also implemented a program with the help of Rajeev Gandhi Foundation.  

The organization is working intensively in education issues mainly with the excluded and marginalised communities to bring them back in mainstream, promote women empowerment and ensure a sustainable change in the overall quality of life. In future the organization is aiming to expand the area of intervention, scale up the ongoing initiatives, and engage with new innovative initiatives.